Sacred Heart School
Sacred Heart School (Rockport, TX)

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111 North Church Street
Rockport, TX 78382

Grade Levels: Primary Montessori: Ages 3-5; Traditional Elementary: 1st-5th


As a Catholic school, Sacred Heart School provides children a quality education and experiences which promote knowing, loving, and serving God and His people.


***to provide a safe environment for all where student learning can be maximized.

*** to provide a quality education for all students regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, or economic status;

*** to teach the Catholic faith by which gospel truths and values are integrated into each individual’s life;

*** to provide the opportunity for personal experiences in Christian living through prayer, liturgy, sacramental life, guidance and example;

*** to help each student to internalize the desire for life-long learning, to communicate effectively, to solve problems and to reason independently;

***to provide opportunities for Christian service and involvement/responsibility not only to our faith community but also to the local and global communities;

*** to provide activities designed to instill a lifetime commitment to physical fitness and well being;

*** to provide opportunities and experiences which emphasize the heritage, privileges, and responsibilities of United States citizenship.


Sacred Heart School is a member institution of the Department of Schools, Diocese of Corpus Christi, and is a principle part of the education ministry of Sacred Heart Parish, Rockport, Texas. It is a not-for-profit PreK-5 school, serving student’s ages 3 years through the fifth grade.

Sacred Heart School was founded in 1923 in a small one-room building where classes were taught by the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Sisters of Corpus Christi. Although closed for a time, in 1982 the school was reopened and enlarged under the direction of Father Gregory Deane. The present facility was extensively remodeled and expanded in 1996-97 under Monsignor Louis Kihneman III. Sacred Heart Church parishioners, the Knights of Columbus (Council 8028), Columbian Ladies, and Gregory Ladies have played an instrumental role in the re-establishment and continued growth of this progressive Catholic institution.

The 1993-94 academic year marked the inauguration of the School’s Primary Montessori instruction program for 3, 4, and 5 year olds. A traditional elementary classroom setting and curriculum continues to challenge students in grades one through five.


The school is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Educational Department under the auspices of the Texas Educational Agency and is an institutional member of the National Catholic Education Association.


The Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the chief administrator of all parish activities. The Principal administers the operation of the school. An elected School Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity.


The school faculty is comprised of qualified personnel. All staff and faculty attend various educational and religious workshops and classes throughout the year in order to enhance their skills in the classroom.

Student Code of Conduct

Sacred Heart Catholic School has the following Code of Conduct that is expected of all students:

Each student must respect the rights and privileges of other students, faculty, and staff. Students will exercise their rights and responsibilities in compliance with rules established for the orderly conduct of the school’s educational and spiritual mission. Students who violate the rights and privileges of others will be subject to disciplinary actions. The right of interpretation of the school rules is reserved to the judgement of the administration of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

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